What you win

In the DreamBig Sigma Innovation Race 2018, you are competing to realize your awesome business idea through allocation of venture capital and a place in our tailored accelerator program. 

So why a tailored accelerator program? We know that all business ideas have different needs and conditions to succeed. That is why the winner, or winners, has access to a wide variety of resources to get the support that is needed to take the idea to the next level. The support can be in the form of venture capital or providing access to experts. For example, our business contacts could help with technology and system development; how to set up the best business strategy; how to package to meet the market and last, but not least, how to work with sales and customer relations.

In the first step of the accelerator program, we will review your specific needs together and set up a plan to support your journey to success. As the last step in the accelerator program, when your idea is developed and completed, a demo day is arranged. For example, potential investors, partners and customers are invited to listen to the presentation of your start-up.


The winner, or winners, of the DreamBig Sigma innovation Race 2018 gets a place in the accelerator program that provides:


To take your start-up to the next level. The capital gives you the opportunity to invest in what is required to achieve the goal and realize your dream.

Knowledge and competence

As program participants, you get access to Sigma's service portfolio in strategy, technology, sales and marketing. For example, if you need a system developer to create a prototype, we can arrange it. Maybe a nice packaging and marketing plan is needed, we have the knowledge inhouse. Our sales reps are available to assist with the best sales strategies and also to open doors in several industries. Read more about what is available at sigmaitc.se


Need help to contact the right people to test your idea or create opportunity for partnerships? Through Sigma's large network, we can connect you with the right companies and people.


Sometimes a leap out in the unknown can feel scary. We want you to succeed and we can help reduce the risks. As a large company we can provide safety, so you can focus on the idea without headaches. This may include an employment contract or an inspiring workplace.