Terms of conditions - DreamBig Sigma Innovation Race 2018 competition

Welcome to the DreamBig Sigma Innovation Race – an equal, global and entrepreneurial competition focused around innovative solutions for the digital and tech industry.
Anyone is welcome to enter, with a business idea that is either a service or a product. Your business idea may be in different stages (idea, Proof of Concept, prototype, etc.) but it is important that the idea has not been commercialized.
DreamBig is open to ideas for all industries, such as Fintech, Medtech, Telecom, Foodtech and Automotive.

Who can apply?

You can apply either as an individual contestant or as a team (hereinafter referred to as a contestant). Minimum age for all contestants is 18 years. As DreamBig is an equal competition, we encourage both women and men to participate.

DreamBig is a global competition and contestants outside Sweden who qualify for participation during the pitch day or wins a seat in the DreamBig Accelerator Program can join via link.

If the application is made with a team, a representative for the team shall be appointed and responsible for registration and submission of the application. However, all team members must be specified.
The representative acts on behalf of the team, approves the Terms of Conditions and ensures that the team has read, understood and agreed to fulfill them.

A person can participate in more than one team and also participate as an individual contestant.

You may submit more than one contest contribution.

Application Period

The applications for DreamBig is closed.

General Terms

Contestants are responsible that the ideas submitted do not violate any third party's intellectual property rights such as patent or copyright.

The judges or Sigma IT Consulting is not responsible for any infringements of intellectual property rights.

Contestants agree that Sigma IT Consulting will be compensated for all damages and costs arising from third party intellectual property claims against DreamBig regarding submitted applications.
All competition entries must be the contestants’ own idea.
Once the application has been submitted, the judges and Sigma IT Consulting have the right to analyze and evaluate the idea and / or solution. The judges or Sigma IT Consulting are not allowed to use an idea / or solution submitted without agreement and approval by the respective contestant.

Selection criteria

The judges assesses both the business idea and the contestant’s business acumen based on the following criteria:

Innovation: How innovative is the idea and what are the possible opportunities for expansion in the market?

Technical implementation: Does the technical implementation of the product or service provide a future growth opportunity that meets the business needs?

Commercial opportunity: What is the market potential of the business idea?

Entrepreneurship and business sense: Do the competitors have the realism, passion and commitment that are required, as well as a desire to succeed, in order to successfully realize the business idea?

The judges’ decision cannot be appealed.

DreamBig prize

The winner/winners in DreamBig will participate in DreamBig Accelerator Program, worth up to 3 million SEK. The accelerator program is tailored; it is adapted based on the specific needs to take the business idea to the next level. The given support is within the areas of strategy, technology, communication, marketing and sales. 

The winner will, along with the accelerator program of Sigma IT Consulting, make a customized implementation plan.

Quid pro quo

All contestants that proceed to pitch-day and the finals endorse that Sigma IT Consulting may use submitted material in DreamBig marketing communications. For example, clips from the application film, images on participants, may be used. However, the communication cannot reveal any important details about the business ideas and business plans. This means that Sigma IT Consulting has the right to publish all or part of the contribution and images of the competitors, in their digital channels, always in accordance with Swedish law and good practice.

By entering the competition, contestants commit to participate at a pitch-day. If the team also goes to the finals, the contestant commits to attend the announcement of the winner during Sigma Inspiration Day late 2018. For international competitors, participation via link is possible.

Everyone involved in DreamBig has signed a confidentiality agreement and has no right to use or convey ideas / solution proposals for commercial purposes without the consent of the contestant. These terms apply to all contestants (including all team members) who compete in DreamBig. Participation in the accelerator program requires that these conditions are met. Thereafter, a separate agreement will be signed for participation in the accelerator program.

Responsible for the competition

Sigma IT Consulting

Do you have questions or want to get in touch with us? Send an email to dreambig@sigma.se

Or contact Beatrice Silow, beatrice.silow@sigma.se or phone 0703-791506