About DreamBig 2018

DreamBig is a competition for digital entrepreneurs and leading tech innovators. It’s a global competition with gender equality at its heart. DreamBig is organized by Sigma IT Consulting.

The competition is open to pioneering, entrepreneurial-driven people who want to realize their business ideas. It can be a product or a service.

Anyone can compete, but it is essential that the business idea isn’t already commercialized. The winner, or winners, of DreamBig can be found anywhere in the world; they should be interested in running start-up companies, supported by the DreamBig accelerator program. The accelerator program is tailored to suit each idea’s development and support the growth of the business.

We contribute with expertise within strategy, technology, sales and marketing, which are Sigma's cornerstones, as well as financing and collaborations with other partners. Read more at What you get.


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Equal competition

In DreamBig, we are striving for great things and we put an extra focus on gender equality, for example, by having a completely equal judging panel of men and women and distributing the venture capital equally. It is the level of innovation, entrepreneurship and growth opportunity that are determines who wins – and not their gender!

Women entrepreneurs generally find it harder to get venture capital and the opportunity to realize their business ideas; namely, due to prejudices that women are less capable than men, when it comes to business growth and take risks.

This is not true: women and men are just as good at running companies. If anyone has doubts, there are several research reports to support this. Luleå University of Technology has compared over 20 economic indicators in companies with female and male leadership – their research shows that there is no difference.

Are you an entrepreneur with an awesome idea, but need the support of skills or capital to take it to the next level? Then DreamBig is the competition for you!



About Sigma IT Consulting

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